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I have an Etsy Store. I will be selling prints and original art. Since Gutter Trash is the closest thing to a “brand” that I have, I decided to name the store that. It’s better than Eric’s Emporium of Stuff I Done Did. If I can convince him, I may also put some stuff from my Gutter Trash partner for sale as well. He’s got nifty things too.

This might also be the place where I get some G.T. merchandise out into the world?

– Eric

My Name is Jonah

My Name is Jonah is a documentary following The Real Life Warrior, Jonah Washnis. For two years now, Gutter Trash co-host Eric Shonborn has helped celebrate the man and the myth with entries in the Free Comic Book Day My Name is Jonah tie-in comic. Both issues are available for download at the My Name is Jonah Official Movie Site.

Gutter Trash is proud to present the trailer for the forthcoming Action/Adventure Documentary: My Name is Jonah!

The Review Is In

Over at The Geek Quest blog, Kristen is searching for the best underground geek podcast, and reviewing all us small-timers – and I don’t know how much more small time you could get than us. She listened to a couple of recent episodes of Gutter Trash, and found us to be okay! We’re okay!

Actually, it was a very flattering review, and I am happy that she took the time to give us a try. She also had some great things to say about our recent guest Pat Kain!

Check out The Geek Quest, read the review of our show, and then maybe some of those other podcasts she listened to.

Thanks, Kristen!


Art by Skye Ogden.

A few months back, after the devastating earthquakes in Japan, Gutter Trash co-host Jason Young forwarded me an email from a man named Adam Paison, a cartoonist living in Japan. Adam had decided to put together a charity book of comics from artists around the world, recounting their personal experiences with Japan or Japanese culture. At first I wasn’t going to contribute, as I have found that I don’t enjoy drawing comics, and had no real experience with Japan other than reading very little Manga, watching some Anime and eating at a Japanese restaurant once. Jason reminded me that I actually did have a slightly more personal story, one that I thought might be kind of funny, and it would be nice to help out a good cause.

The book itself is nearing the final phases. It’s ready for printing and distribution, but needs a little help first. Over at this Kickstarter page, you can donate to get the book published. All proceeds from the sale of the book goes to help the ongoing disaster relief and rebuilding in Japan, and to help the citizens hurt most by the destruction. Jason has a great story in it, I have a story that makes me look like a selfish jerk, and something like 30 other artists from around the world have contributed stories, like Jeffrey Brown, Noah Van Sciver and Carrie McNinch.

Check it out, spread the word, donate, whatever you like. In addition to the Kickstarter page, you can also go to the Aftershock blog page and check out preview pages and art from the book.

New Show Announcement

Recorded July 31, 2010


This is it, folks, the big news I’ve been teasing. Well, teased. Once.

The Gutter Trash family is growing! Hopefully in the next week or two, we’ll have a brand new podcast spin-off. Head on over to the new blog, League Night to subscribe to the new show. It’s easily the geekiest endeavor I’ve ever embarked on, and hopefully, it’ll be a lot of fun.

Music by Legbone and Black Wolf Fight

Check out Jason’s site, Eric’s site, Ok, PANIC!, and the new podcast, League Night.

Email Eric or Jason.

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