Episode 131: Hewligan’s Haircut

Recorded on May 29, 2011.


Episode 131: Hewligan’s Haircut

Music by Sepultura, Black Wolf Fight and Blur

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Time – 75:10 min. / File Size – 35mb

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3 thoughts on “Episode 131: Hewligan’s Haircut”

  1. Back in 1998 I bought this cold medicine called “Swan” at the Dollar General because I like that band Swans. I think me & my girlfriend of the time almost died. But then again maybe it had to do with the liquor drinks mixed with the cold medicine instead of the cold mixed with the cold medicine.

    Are mis-print comics of more or less value than regular ones?

    @ Jason, somehow this dream seems slightly less sexual than the stories I wrote for Ultimate Veggie Dog Saturn.

    I actually really like that movie you picked, though I’ve never seen it all in one sitting & maybe never will.

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