Episode 88: The Experts

Recorded on July 26, 2010.


Episode 88: The Experts

Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and Cavity

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5 thoughts on “Episode 88: The Experts”

  1. Fight Club is the best working together of a book & movie I can think of.

    Dialectic writing sucks. I refused to read those types of works for my whole career in school. Strangely it had very little effect on my final test grades….

    Have you ever read that book Super Folks? Supposedly one of the first deconstuctionist super hero things, it’s a novel you can find used (or I suppose I could mail you mine as I don’t imagine I’ll read it again).

    I haven’t read all of Stan Lee’s stuff, but some of the early Avengers stuff where Captain America is putting himself on semi-suicide missions & beats up Rick Jones so he can’t become Bucky is pretty solid. I probably should read more of that early Marvel stuff. I do have my doubts about him as a creator & I do think his writing legacy is probably weakened dramatically from the period where he wrote 100 books a year. It is interesting to me that he has no problem writing the same book twice or lifting characters from classic sci-fi or mythology or other comics. You have to keep in mind he was writing comics at a period when they were ephemera & not intended for the re-readings they get today.

  2. Oh yeah … since you were wondering, the book that Clarence and I are working on is called “The Experts Presents: Tales of the Emerald Yeti,” which includes his origin and all that jazz.

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