Episode 89: Doomsday

Recorded on July 25, 2010.


Episode 89: Doomsday

Special Guest: John Bobosh

Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and Blood Duster

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Time – 89:41 min. / File Size – 41mb

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3 thoughts on “Episode 89: Doomsday”

  1. I don’t think Akira the movie is supposed to basically be only half the series, but it’s a long time ago. Also there’s a weird thing with their being different english language versions & I’m not sure what that’s about….

    I was totally surprised by this movie’s quality. It ripped off all the right things.

    Before I saw this movie, I always thought there was already some kind of physical barrier (I don’t know, a channel or something?) between Scotland & England.

    I always felt like The Clash would be a good band if they played all their songs 50% faster because that the speed they are in my head when I remember them.

    I think you might be into this band Devilcake from Columbus.

  2. Go for 100 episodes. There I have put in my vote. But you need some super massive guest stars. Or even better you could do a shitty clip show!

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