Episode 91: The Room

Recorded on August 8, 2010.


Episode 91: The Room

Special Guest: Pat Kain

Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and Mladen Milicevic

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Time – 83:13 min. / File Size – 38mb

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  1. Brian John Mitchell

    I’m listening to this while wearing cargo pants that zip off into shorts.

    Xeric grants are kind of a lot of paperwork, but they are pretty easy to get supposedly. They only pay for manufacturing cost, no money towards promo or shipping or living expenses.

    So if I ever get around to writing a second issue of Cops & Crooks will Eric draw Crooks?

  2. Eric

    At this point in time, I’d say no.

  3. John

    After listening to you three chuckle for like 2 hours, I decided to check out some clips online. Long story short, I sent them to a friend and we’re going to watch this movie tonight.

  4. Eric


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