Gutter Trash Halloween Spooktacular I

Recorded on October 3, 2010.

Gutter Trash Halloween Spooktacular I

Gutter Trash Halloween Spooktacular I: Creature from the Black Lagoon

Special Guest: Kathleen Coyle

Music by The Misfits

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Time – 72:03 min. / File Size – 33mb

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  1. Joe G.

    We watched SPACE CAMP in school once. Or, about 20 minutes of it. I went to a Catholic school, and there were some swears in it.

    Also, we did watch the ’60s ROMEO & JULIET in class. For the scene with the boob, the teacher covered up the screen. We could still hear the dialogue, but were deprived of the boobs.

    I thought this episode was great, by the way. Kathleen was an excellent guest, and the music was really enjoyable.

  2. Eric

    You realize that there were probably swears in this show, right?

  3. Kurt

    I actually met “the creature” at a horror conention, I paid $20.00 for an autographed color copy and some fake dollar bills with the creature on it. My only true brush with fame.

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