The show is going to be delayed this week, but if you’re itching for a new podcasts to listen to in the meantime, I would highly recommend Adam Spiegelman’s Proudly Resents.

I know a lot of our listeners and friends have all taken in part – at one time or another – in a “Bad Movie Night”. Proudly Resents is a bad movie night in podcast form, reviewing movies that are so bad, they’re awesome. It’s a ton of fun, check it out.


Episode 46 is really really fucking long. Really long. I don’t feel comfortable putting a 90+ minute episode up, so I’m gonna have to actually do some editing. It will be up as soon as possible. Thanks!

Super Delay

I thought last week’s Bullshit episode would be enough filler to keep me on top of things, but nope. The days steamrolled right over me, and I will not have time to get a new episode out this week. Sorry. Look for Episode 24: Hack/Slash next week around Tuesday or Wednesday. Sorry folks.