Tag: Horror

Episode 15: The Host

Recorded on January 16, 2009. This week, on the only comics podcast defiant enough to defend George W. Bush, we learn that America is Evil, courtesy of the Korean monster movie The Host. We also learn that “fun” does not automatically mean “good”, and that a “Devil’s Strip” is not exactly a reverse happy trail. …

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Episode 6: Black Sheep

Recorded on November 21, 2008. This week, the boys try out a new format in order to keep the crazy tangent level high. Plus Eric is lazy and no longer wants to edit shows. So you’re stuck with only one review per show now, rotating between a movie review and a comic review. However this …

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Episode 5: Devil’s Backbone/Too Cool

Recorded on November 4 & 11, 2008. This week, Eric and Jason discuss politics, puppets and how awesome the X-Men character Mimic is. Somewhere along the line, they review Guillermo Del Toro’s spanish language masterpiece The Devil’s Backbone and Alex Robinson’s latest graphic novel Too Cool to be Forgotten. This episode is dedicated to Bob …

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