Episode 58: Save the Green Planet

Recorded on December 22, 2009.


It’s the show that’s not good for anyone’s mom.

While I honestly think this is our strongest show yet, it’s our weakest sound-wise. Sorry. But to make up for it, Jason and I invite our friend Joe Grunenwald – King of all Flash Knowledge – to be a guest on the show and help us review the Korean mash-up film, Save the Green Planet. We talk about comedy pointing, airline food, the Legion of Super-Pets, repetition, comedy pointing, airline food and the Legion of Super-Pets.

Happy New Year to all of our listeners, I hope it’s been great for you, and thanks for supporting us in ’09. We’ll see you on the flipside of 2010 – The Year We Make Contact.

Episode 58: Save the Green Planet

Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and Me First and the Gimme Gimmes.

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Episode 58 / Time – 82:58 min. / File Size – 38mb

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