Episode 219: Before Watchmen – Minutemen

Recorded on February 3, 2013.


Episode 219: Before Watchmen – Minutemen

Music by Man or Astroman? and The Minutemen

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Time – 73:48 min. / File Size – 36mb

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Episode 22: Tiny Titans

Recorded on March 13, 2009.


Aw Yeah, Titans!

This week on an episode that gets right back up on its high horse, the boys try to review the Johnny DC trade Tiny Titans: Welcome to the Treehouse by Art Baltazar and Franco, but mostly just review the Watchmen movie instead. The discussion gets heated as Eric and Jason try to figure what is or isn’t appropriate for children (Guess what, kids? Not this show!). Jason tries teaching the world not to be afraid of giant blue penis. Words to live by.

Episode 22: Tiny Titans

Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and The Rolling Stones.

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Episode 22 / Time – 69:41 min. / File Size – 32mb

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