Gutter Trash: The Tale

Eric Shonborn is a gigantic hairy man and professional illustrator/graphic artist born and raised in Dayton, Ohio. He is also an unprofessional independent cartoonist, having written and drawn numerous comic books. Eric’s facial hair never looks as good as the drawing.

Jason Young is the manager of Maverick’s, a comic shop located in Dayton, Ohio, where Jason was also born and raised (Maverick’s, not Dayton). Aside from his highly successful career, Jason is also an independent cartoonist, having written and drawn numerous comics (such as Veggie Dog Saturn) under his banner company, Buyer Beware Comics. Jason is vegetarian, but likes to slaughter animals to even the balance.

Eric and Jason started Gutter Trash mostly due to The Crankcast. They love that damn show so much, they decided to rip it off. They only hope it’s a fraction as good. Gutter Trash is dedicated to comic books and movies, and occasionally music, television and any other forms of trash entertainment that gets them excited. They also enjoy babbling about nothing.

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