Episode 355: Smoke and Guns

Recorded on August 2nd, 2017.


Episode 355: Smoke and Guns

When Scarlett, an overly ambitious cigarette girl — quick to break the rules and even quicker to pull the trigger — starts selling cigarettes outside of her district, tensions rise and the seeds of an all-out cigarette girl gang war are sown.

Music by The Melvins and P

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Time – 59:25 min. / File Size – 29mb


  1. Chris

    Enjoyed the heck out of this new ep. as always. Love the cover of Smoke & Guns (remember if from previews a while back) and the synopsis of the book sounds amazing, but unless I’m able to hit that bargain bin at Maverick’s I probably won’t be picking it up. Loved the inclusion of the P song in the cast as well. An amazing album in my opinion. Number 3 (I think) on my list of albums with famous celebs, although that qualifier makes it sound like a bit of a downgrade. Really should not have been surprised though, you’re always including great songs in the show. Looking forward to the next.

  2. Eric

    Wow, thanks for the reply! Y’know, Jason still hasn’t returned his copy of the book yet…

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