Episode 112: Spider-Man – Fever

Recorded on January 10, 2011.


Episode 112: Spider-Man – Fever

Music by Sepultura, Black Wolf Fight and Eef Barzelay

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Time – 86:53 min. / File Size – 40mb

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  1. Jason should review Boneyard for Finally Checking It Out.

    I thought American History X was okay, but propaganda films (for lack of a better term) are a bit lacking since the end of the Cold War. I’m scared of the re-make of Red Dawn. But I generally don’t care for most movies, they’re too long. Then again I’m in the middle of watching a Japanese job cartoon called Armored Troopers VOTOMS that lasts about 30 hours….

  2. @ John
    I’m a sucker for the robot armor & also for genetic engineer warfare. But just like I could never really say things like the movie Soldier (Kurt Russell) or the old TV show The Prisoner are actually good, I enjoy them. Same with VOTOMS. No one I’ve tried to get to watch VOTOMS has liked it. It’s kind of got a Golden Age comic feel where a bunch of unrelated things happen & there’s too much plot in some episodes & they cram in unneeded comedy at times. But in the end all I know is I like it.

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