Episode 139: Takio

Recorded on July 24, 2011.


Episode 139: Takio

Music by Sepultura, Black Wolf Fight and Damien Jurado

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Time – 90:27 min. / File Size – 43mb

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  1. I think after the “bronze age” (which I guess is like ~1970 – ~1983 or something) “they” call it the “dark age” with Frank Miller-esque noir happening in every book for no good reason.

    Did Joe stop listening to the show since you started doing Gutter Trash &/or since he got married?

    You should get in touch with Nick Marino (Super Haters) about getting more listeners as he does a ton of self-promotion for his podcasts.

    Maybe you should make some QRcode stickers & put them all over things & see what happens…. I’ve been thinking about doing it for Silber….

    If you want to run some ad campaign stuff, a lot of times you can get $50 to $100 in free credit to start an account. Like one on Google & one on Facebook.

    How many pages is this Aftershock book?

    I kinda want to see Captain America. Is it the one from 1979 or the one from 1990 going back in theaters?

    I’ll decide to watch the movie or not based on your review. I tried to watch that movie a few years ago & it was just too slow for me.

    This comment is longer than my blog for today.

    Is Jason going to tell us how the new VDS is going? Is having collaborators a headache?

    • Eric on July 26, 2011 at 6:37 pm

    – There are people whom I thought would be loyal listeners who refuse to listen to shows if we review something they’ve never seen or read, like Joe. Or Kathleen.

    – What are QRcode stickers?

    – I’ve been thinking about advertising, but am seriously poor.

    – The 1990 Cap movie has a “director’s cut” coming out on Blu-Ray, and has been making the rounds at film fests. The “theatrical cut” is available from MGM studios as an on-demand DVD.

    – I don’t think Jason likes to talk about his books before they’re done.

  2. QRcodes are 2 dimensional barcodes that are popping up everywhere lately. You take a picture of them with a smartphone & it takes you to a website or whatever. People print stickers of them & place them randomly in hopes of generating interest in something. Though who knows the type of person that would scan a random barcode on the back of a stop sign.

    The pay per click advertising can be pretty affordable, because no one clicks on ads anymore. Without changing any of my numbers around for my google ads the amount I pay per month (I only ever bid a penny per click) has gone from about thirty bucks 3 years ago to three dollars a month today. You can put caps on your spending limit. A lot of times when you join you get given $50 in credit as long as you use it in the first month.

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