Episode 168: Aliens

Recorded on February 12, 2012.


Episode 168: Aliens

Music by Sepultura, Black Wolf Fight and Helmet

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Time – 85:40 min. / File Size – 41mb

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  1. I kinda like the fourth Aliens movie. I’d kinda say the second one (Aliens) is the one of the four that is least like the others.

    Misfits is pretty awesome. Did you see the Nathan in Vegas webisode short? Also did they show an episode where Simon & his girlfriend get that picture taken in Vegas or is that some alternate universe photo left over (like the video tape Simon has from the powers revealed episode).

    That girl gives the time travel ability to the powers broker & he puts it in his iguana (which gets eaten by a zombie later).

    The other recent goofy british superhero show is called No Heroics.

    You know, when Borders was closing I got a manga called “The Complete Death Note,” which was volume 1 & 2 of at least 7. Hardly complete. I really liked some of the ones that Viz put out in the 1980s so I didn’t need to read them backwards & everyone had left hands. Maybe at some point I will dig them out & re-read them….

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