Episode 33: Apocalypse Now

Recorded on June 7, 2009.


I love the smell of podcasts in the morning.

This week on Gutter Trash, feel the horror… the horror… of Jason and myself reviewing Francis Ford Coppola’s Vietnam War classic Apocalypse Now. We learn that war is bad, and I can’t defend my stance against pretension. We also try to pronounce “Mxyzptlk”, discuss the hotness of Anne Ramsay, my personal crimes against libraries, and our high-pitched girlie voices. Jason invents a new phrase that should rightfully take the world by storm.

And I’d like to plug a few pieces of awesome. The Kirby Project, an art blog inspired by the work of Jack Kirby, and One Year in Indiana, an awesome mini-comic about a metal vocalist stuck in the midwest.

Oh, and fuck Joe G.

Episode 33: Apocalypse Now

Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and Sepultura.

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