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Episode 12: Mighty Love

Recorded on January 2, 2009. This week on an episode that Eric can’t remember enough of to write an intro for, the boys show very little love to Howard Chaykin’s relatively obscure graphic novel Mighty Love. It’s the first real episode of the new year! And a stinker to boot. Way to kick off 2009. …

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Episode 11: Benjamin Button

Recorded on December 26, 2008. This week on an episode whose ass is sore and really needs to piss, Eric and Jason review the newish film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It’s technically the first episode of the new year! Actually the last episode of the old year. How much wood could a woodchuck …

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Episode 10: Swallow Me Whole

Recorded on December 21, 2008. Mmmm, ranty. This week on Gutter Trash, Eric and Jason review Nate Powell’s latest graphic novel, Swallow Me Whole, rant about Dave Sim and Frank Miller, and how awesome things with textures are. Creepy fun for the whole family! Episode 10: Swallow Me Whole Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight …

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A Gutter Trash Christmas

Recorded on December 21, 2008. Merry fuckin’ Christmas! Here’s your goddamn Christmas bonus. Don’t worry it’s more than what Jason and Eric got this year. We’re givers. Love us for it. Eric and Jason talk about upcoming Christmas plans, presents and comics. It’s essentially the Bullshit Episode, but decorated for the holidays. Plus, it’s second …

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Episode 9: Brick

Recorded on December 7, 2008. Like a brick to the motherfucking head! Jason and Eric kinda talk about the neo-noir/high school drama/future classic Brick. Along the way, discussions of the threeboot film Punisher War Zone (third time? not the charm), The Ringer, The Lookout and probably some uncomfortable confessions about personal matters that have no …

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