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It’s Time to PANIC, folks! A special announcement about a fun new project Jason and I are involved with. Listen to this, and then head on over to the brand spankin’ new Ok, PANIC! website. Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Amazon Music | Android | Blubrry | RSS

Episode 68 Bonus

While editing the show, I discovered a weird noise at the end of the first segment. Presented here is that audio, first as recorded at normal volume, followed by an amplified version, and then the questionable part isolated. Jason speaks first, followed by my muttering, and then the creepy part. Ghost? Gas? We did eat …

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Episode 18

After almost a year, I’ve decided to put Episode 18 back online for download. If you’ve not heard it, take a listen. I’m an asshole.



Episode 46 is really really fucking long. Really long. I don’t feel comfortable putting a 90+ minute episode up, so I’m gonna have to actually do some editing. It will be up as soon as possible. Thanks!


Pat’s appearance caused such a disturbance in the time/space continuum that it broke the show. Episode 36 will be posted next week. Sorry.