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Gutter Trash: The Mix Tape vol. 2

Through, I’ve got a new “mix tape” of songs from the Windy City Special, and episodes 4-8. Click here to listen.

Super Delay

I thought last week’s Bullshit episode would be enough filler to keep me on top of things, but nope. The days steamrolled right over me, and I will not have time to get a new episode out this week. Sorry. Look for Episode 24: Hack/Slash next week around Tuesday or Wednesday. Sorry folks.

Gutter Trash: The Mix Tape

Through a website called, I’ve put together a “mix tape” of songs from the first three episodes of the show. Click here to listen.


Episode 18 is delayed due to time and technical difficulties. It will be re-posted, hopefully correctly, in the next few days.


Busy Busy Busy. Episode 4 will be uploaded by Sunday afternoon. Probably.