Episode 143: Haunt of Horror

Recorded on August 21, 2011.


Episode 143: Haunt of Horror

Special Guest (kinda): Kurt Dinse

Music by Sepultura, Black Wolf Fight and Nachtmystium

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Time – 84:03 min. / File Size – 39mb

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  1. I think of Corben as famous for Den of Earth (Heavy Metal) above his other things.

    I think these stories work better as individual weird things than presented as this big volume. Great anthology pieces, but together they start to get kinda blurry. Which is basically what I think of Poe & Lovecraft when I try to read their stuff.

    Years ago I put a compilation together based on The Music of Erich Zann.

    Robert E Howard actually did a lot of weird poetry, might be a perfect match to see some of that stuff done in this style….

    You know, I actually sent Dave Sim one of the scripts I wrote that Jason turned down for the VDS special, but he didn’t get excited about it. Also he turned down Ultimate Lost Kisses #12 after drawing ULK#11.

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