Episode 178: SPACE 2012

Recorded on April 23, 2012.


Episode 178: SPACE 2012

Music by Sepultura, Black Wolf Fight

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Time – 80:13 min. / File Size – 39mb

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  1. Working with other people can be really hard. I hate it & love it. I like the surprise element involved with working with others & hate the frustration level of things not getting done in a timely manner both by them & me & worrying about the final quality of the object.

    I am doing my best to look like one of the insane cartoonists so I’ll be ripe when people lose all respect for me if they ever gain it in the first place.

    True story, for some reason I was solicited to write a song for LMFAO a couple months ago. I didn’t bother to try to do it.

    I thought Eric intentionally turned off the lights to be a prankster.

    I noticed that the folks on the other side of me who were from the same town as me & got set next to me because I’m family friendly generated a lot of traffic from making friends with people at the night time events. I need to get a partner with social skills for my table, of course then I’d have so much crap I’d need another table….

    • Eric on April 25, 2012 at 8:05 am

    You shoulda done the LMFAO thing!

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