Episode 53: Daredevil Yellow

Recorded on November 15, 2009.


Jeph Loeb!

On this special Thanksgiving episode of Gutter Trash, we give thanks to Jeph Loeb and the many hours of comedy he has given us over the course of our first year as podcasters. As a token of appreciation, we review one of his good books, Daredevil Yellow (Yaredevil?), with Tim Sale and promise to never discuss him again. Unfortunately, my inner continuity nerd rages about inconsistencies with regular Daredevil lore. We also discuss, at length, farting on animals. Also make sure to check out this week’s featured musician, the band Vlor at silbermedia.com

Episode 53: Daredevil Yellow

Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and Vlor.

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  1. Hey, thanks for playing my song & everything.

    My experience with Daredevil was not having read anything since Born Again (20 years ago now? I am old…) & when I got Yellow I thought he’d switched back to that costume. Or that it was part of one of the Marvel relaunches to fix continuity they do every five years. (Now there’s an episode, no particular book, but just a discussion of all the big-crossover things that Marvel/DC have done to try to fix continuity problems & how they are happening closer & closer together. Batman died & was brought back to life before the story finished a year ago, right?)

    That Kevin Smith Daredevil stuff was pretty much the worst Daredevil thing ever. But it probably did co-ordinate better with the movie than any previous Daredevil books.

    My understanding is that porn wanted to go with Blu-Ray, but originally the only manufacturing company was Sony & they refused to make the porn discs. When porn went to HD-DVD & Sony realized they might lose the format battle & that would also jeopardize the Playstation 3’s success they decided they could manufacture porn.

    • Eric on November 25, 2009 at 9:19 am

    The song is awesome, it was totally my pleasure to use it in the show. Thank you for sending it.

    The Batman thing… Batman, it turns out, is not really dead, nor did he ever die. However, he is lost in time, and DC announced, one month into the new status quo, that they’re bringing him back this summer. So, basically before the newest storyline has even a chance to breath, DC’s already back pedaling, which is a shame, since the new stuff is actually getting critical acclaim. But, I’ll be buying Batman as long as Grant Morrison is writing it. And I’ll be buying Daredevil no matter what, because I’m a big geek for DD, and bitching about the continuity of it despite myself.

    Did not know that porn originally tried to go for Blu-Ray, I had only ever heard about the HD-DVD, which is why I was surprised when Blu-Ray won out. Guess I know why, now.

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