Episode 98: Saga of the Swamp Thing

Recorded on October 3, 2010.


Episode 98: Saga of the Swamp Thing

Music by Legbone, Black Wolf Fight and Nickel Creek

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Time – 88:21 min. / File Size – 40mb

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    • Pat on October 5, 2010 at 6:59 pm

    I think this maybe my favorite episode.

  1. Kevin Smith Daredevil was pretty freaking awful.

    Anyone who didn’t read any of the stuff yet – here’s a pretty good link for you – http://www.dccomics.com/media/excerpts/1661_1.pdf “Anatomy Lesson” for free from DC.

    I should read Man-Thing sometime, I can’t remember it at all despite knowing I read a dozen issues. You know what I do remember is a character called Captain Universe that in one issue helps a corpse get revenge.

    An old comic book store dude told me that he thought the comic that really was the thing that helped make Vertigo possible is Suicide Squad. I haven’t read enough issues to say anything, but I know Shade is sometimes a member & John Ostrander wrote a lot of it, so I should check it out. But I guess if you really want to get into why Vertigo was able to happen, I suppose it might be the death of a bunch of indies (Eclipse, Eternity, Comico, First, etc.) leaving readers wanting that kind of work & other people needing a publisher.

    If success comes, I’ll make sure “guttertrash.net” is written on my arm with a sharpie before I overdose on narcotics & alcohol.

    Comixpress theoretically distributes comics to shops POD at a decent rate. Don’t know if Mavericks would be interested in looking into it.

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