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Episode 298: Pulp Fiction

Recorded on August 23, 2015. Episode 298: Pulp Fiction Do I really need to post a synopsis of PULP FICTION? I don’t think I do. You’ve seen it. You know it. As for everything, we talk about why we disappeared again. Spoiler: depression, suicidal thoughts, and mental and emotional instability. Music by Man or Astroman? …

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Episode 38: The Fifth Element

Recorded on July 20, 2009. Prepare to be Double Shyamalaned! On a lengthy episode, Jason and I review Luc Besson’s Sci-Fi film The Fifth Element starring Tiny Lister and Ian Holm. We discuss manly feats, and are intolerant of lactose. In a rare treat, I have a psychological breakdown and scream at kids playing in …

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