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Episode 374: Bizarro

Recorded on May 24, 2018. Episode 374: Bizarro Bizarro—Superman’s backward-speaking warped doppelgänger—only wants to be a superhero. But his “help” has left nothing but destruction all through Metropolis, and now the citizens want him out! Sounds like a job for Jimmy Olsen! He’ll lure Bizarro out of the city for good by escorting him on …

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Episode 282: Black Canary/Zatanna – Bloodspell

Recorded on June 2, 2014. Episode 282: Black Canary/Zatanna – Bloodspell Black Canary infiltrates a gang of female criminals set to pull a dangerous heist. Rather than be taken in, the gang leader kills herself. A year later, death stalks the gang, and Canary must turn to her friend Zatanna for help. Music by Man …

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