Episode 267: Rai

Recorded on February 2, 2014.


Episode 267: Rai

Rai is the spirit guardian of Japan, sworn to the service of Grandmother – the personified, artificial intelligence that governs the island nation. In the wake of her sudden disappearance, Rai will become all that stands between his nation and all-out chaos. As humanist factions war with mechanist loyalist for control of the future, the masterless Rai must choose for himself how best to defend his people, his family, and his honor.

Music by Man or Astroman? and The Melvins

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Time – 73:11 min. / File Size – 35mb

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  1. I actually bought a few Valiant comics in my buying binge last fall. Still need to check some of them out. I think I’ve read one I loved & two I was meh about so far.

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