Episode 142: Year of the Carnivore

Recorded on August 14, 2011.


Episode 142: Year of the Carnivore

Special Guest: Pat Kain

Music by Sepultura, Black Wolf Fight and Sook-Yin Lee

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Time – 65:27 min. / File Size – 31mb

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  1. One time when I was high in high school we went in to a grocery store to buy some snacks during lunch & whichever aisle we went in someone would come over the sound system going “security to wherever.” I bought an apple.

    I’ve seen a homeless dude jerking off every time I’ve been in NYC in the summer, glad to know it’s not just me…. Only when I’ve seen it they’ve always just been lying down on a sidewalk (not even a bench). Maybe it’s even always the same guy for all I know. Always seems to be a skinny guy with a beard.

    Good times Google PB Kain. Let me know when Vigilant number 2 is done.

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