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Episode 351: Shade the Changing Girl, Vol. 1

Recorded on May 22nd, 2017. Episode 351: Shade the Changing Girl, Vol.1 Far away on the planet Meta, Loma’s going nowhere fast. That’s where her idol, the lunatic poet Rac Shade, and his infamous madness coat come in. Loma steals the garment and makes a break across galaxies to take up residence in a new …

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Episode 78: The Umbrella Academy 2

Recorded on May 17, 2010. This time, it’s personal. This week on a pinko commie scum episode of Gutter Trash, Jason crosses the border and helps me review Umbrella Academy Vol. 2: Dallas by Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba. We mourn the passing of Ronnie James Dio and Frank Frazetta, and we mourn the lack …

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Episode 2: Umbrella Academy/Burn After Reading

Recorded on September 30, 2008. This week on the slightly better second episode of Gutter Trash, Eric and Jason beg Gerard Way to stop making shitty music and make more awesome comics as they discuss The Umbrella Academy, and the newish Coen Brothers movie Burn After Reading. Episode 2: Already skirting the 90 minute mark. …

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